Mean Girls Trivia Night at Theory Sports Bar

Hey brainiacs! We’ve got something exciting for you every Wednesday at Theory Sports Bar in Chicago’s River North. It’s Trivia Wednesdays, and we’re kicking it off on January 10th with a Mean Girls-themed showdown.

Beginning January 10th, and every Wednesday following, we’re turning up the excitement with Trivia Wednesdays at Theory Sports Bar. It’s not just your average trivia night – it’s your chance to show your knowledge while soaking in the lively Theory vibe.

Mean Girls Edition: January 10th

Calling all Mean Girls enthusiasts! On January 10th, we’re diving into the Mean Girls universe with questions about Plastics, Burn Books, and all the high school drama. Grab your pals, embrace your inner Regina George, and let’s find out who’s the Mean Girls trivia queen or king.

What to Expect!

  • Mean Girls Themed Questions: From iconic quotes to memorable scenes, we’ve got it all.
  • Happy Hour Happiness: Enjoy pocket-friendly drinks and snacks.

Reserve Your Spot – Don’t Miss Out!

Don’t miss the kickoff of Trivia Wednesdays on January 10th. Gather your squad, reserve a table, and get ready for a night filled with brain-teasing fun.

Reserve your table here today! 

Join us for a Wednesday filled with trivia, laughs, and a touch of Mean Girls flair. See you at Theory – where being smart is cool, and trivia rules the day!