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No Better Place to Watch the Cubs Playoffs than Theory

If you like baseball, this season is going to be riveting at Theory.  Ignore the curse, the Cubs are the favorites to win the World Series this year! I’m sure we agree that if the Cubs win the World Series, it will be one of the great sports stories of our lifetimes.

And where’s the BEST venue to watch the Playoffs go down? Theory! Our 30+ high-definition TVs with sound means you’ll get a GREAT view of the game from every seat in the house. Not stopping at a great looking downtown venue, our incredible food means you can take your dinner worries away… As for the food and drink specials?

Our Cubs Playoffs specials include:

  • $6 svedka cocktails (4-8pm)
  • $6 sweet tea vodka/lemonade(4-8pm)
  • $6 blue moon, fat tire & pacifico stadium cups (4-8pm)
  • $6 Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup (Food Special – Daily)

Come on in to Theory for the Cubs Playoffs, starting tomorrow at 8.15pm. Reserve your table today!