Best brunch in Chicago

Did Someone Say Bloody Mary Brunch?

We’re in! Are you?

Although EVERY mealtime at Theory is AWESOME… Brunch has to be our favorite! If you haven’t discovered the magic that is brunch, get this... It’s breakfast and lunch foods mixed together to make one awesome, mismatched meal that involves spending time with friends, incredible food and alcohol. Does any of that sound bad to you? If you’ve never been to Theory’s Brunch spectacular, here’s a few reasons why you’ve been missing out your entire adult life…

  1. The sips – Theory’s brunch drinks include alcohol, like mimosas and create-your-own show-stopping bloody mary’s. They both have just enough juice to feel like a morning drink, but also enough alcohol to feel like a cocktail. It’s the perfect mix of both.
  2. The eats – Does this even have to be said? You get breakfast and lunch choices, which is perfect for those indecisive eaters that can’t choose. You want a plate filled with breakfast flatbreads, avocado toast and breakfast sliders? You got it with our brunch.
  3. The timing – Brunch is served Saturdays & Sundays 10am-2pm , which to me makes perfect sense. You eat brunch, and then get to go home and fall into a food induced coma for a few hours without worrying about work or responsibilities. It’s a good choice.
  4. The venue – We don’t skimp on atmosphere here at Theory… We’ve got a whopping 30+ TVs so you can feel YOU”VE got the best seat in house, wherever you are! Great food TICK. Great drinks TICK. Comfort and style in River North TICK.
  5. It’s fun! – Eating lunch/breakfast food, enjoying some drinks and catching up with friends and family. It turns out being a really good day for your group and you’ll slowly find yourself addicted to it.

Don’t waste a single weekend again! Make your brunch reservation today!