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Cocktails on DRAFT? Sign Me Up!

You know it’s going to be a good day when you find sangria on tap. Theory has you covered!

Following the sterling example of their awesome bigger brother, beer, and their sassy little sister, wine, cocktails are now readily available on tap at Theory. With less wait time for your fruitful drink the more time to have fun.

Let’s face it, summer isn’t REALLY summer in Chitown without Sangria. Which is why at Theory you can choose from:

SANGRIA ON TAP: ($9 Glass or $35 Pitcher) made with a smooth red blend, brandy, pineapple, orange, peach liqueur, grapefruit and fresh fruit.

MOSCATO SANGRIA ON TAP: ($11 Glass or $40 Pitcher) made with sparkling moscato, don julio blanco, mango, pineapple, lime, orange liqueur and fresh fruit.

Not to leave our ‘anything-but-regular’ cocktails off the list! Cool off with our refreshing COOL AS A CUCUMBER cocktail made with Ch gin, cucumber, elderflower liqueur, fresh squeezed lemon, lemon twist. Why not get adventurous with a SPICY STRAWBERRY MARGARITA made with casa noble crystal tequila, strawberry simple syrup, fresh squeezed lime, triple sec, jalapeñoserved in a 32oz chalice? Pair your drinks with award-winning cuisine from brunch to dinner.

Check out more delights on our full cocktail menu here. Don’t forget to make a reservation to join us today at Theory. We can’t wait to serve you!