Best Spot In Chi-Town To Watch 2019 MLB Opening Day

It’s that time of year, 2019 MLB Opening Day has arrived! This will be the earliest opening day in history for major league baseball, but we’re not complaining! All 30 teams will play and you can have a front row seat to all of the action at Chicago’s #1 sports bar: Theory!

Are you searching for the best place for your gang to check out your favorite team? Look no further! Games will start at 12 CST March 28th and will be playing on over 30 TV’s.

Theory, home of the Chicago Cubs fans, will have the Cubs game on vs. the Texas Rangers 3 PM CST. Check out more of the game times here.

Theory has the best food and drink specials all day long for the games. We’ll save you a front row seat to an amazing beginning to the 2019 MLB season!!